It's a Parade!

As part of Labor Day weekend’s Historic Festival 29 Presented by Jaguar, for the first time ever Lime Rock Park has scheduled a race car parade! Up to five dozen vintage MG (and other) race cars will parade through the towns and villages of Lime Rock, Lakeville, Salisbury, Amesville and Falls Village.

The parade starts from the track at 4:00 p.m., Thursday, September 1, the day before the start of the Historic Festival.

This parade is for the local residents and begins on the front straight of Lime Rock Park at 4:00 p.m., leaves the Outfield Entrance, turns west on Rt. 112 to the junction with Rt. 41, turns right to go north on Rt. 41 to the junction with Rt. 44, right on Rt. 44 east through Lakeville and Salisbury, left on Cobble Road to then enter Noble Horizons (specifically requested by Skip Barber), re-enters Cobble Road, then left on Rt. 41 south to the junction with Rt. 44, west on 44 to Salmon Kill Road, to Brinton Hill Rd, left on Brinton Hill to go up and over the mountain, then left on Dugway Road to head over the steel bridge over the Housatonic River (at the power station), then up to and under the railroad bridge into Falls Village. Total length of the parade is 14.7 miles.

There, all the cars will be lined up in a beautiful car show, as the Falls Village Inn hosts a street fair and block party!

How’s that for the first-ever Lime Rock Park Historic Festival “Race Car Parade”?

Lime Rock Park and the Falls Village Inn are encouraging residents and visitors to set up lawn chairs and picnic blankets along the route, then to come to Falls Village and meet the cars and drivers up close and enjoy the party, including live music.

This will be a fabulous live demonstration of vintage and historic race cars, most of them iconic MG race cars, from the 1920s onward. Lime Rock also plans to speak to each business owner along the route to encourage them to make their sidewalks inviting for parade watchers, too!


Historic Festival Race Schedule

As soon as Event Chairman Murray Smith finalizes the four-day 2012 schedule, we will post it here...

Want to be a racing VIP?

One of the best ways to enjoy Lime Rock’s vintage racing extravaganza is to be a VIP! You can do that by purchasing a Fan Zone Hospitality ticket for Historic Festival 29. It includes track admission, and what you get is great food and drink (“adult” and otherwise), a goody bag, exclusive guest speakers, escorted paddock tours, VIP parking next to Hospitality Village, and chances to win a “hot lap.” The Fan Zone Hospitality Tent is located in a prime location, close to everything! The price is $100 (includes admission), and you can choose either Saturday, September 3 or Monday, September 5. Call 860.435.5000, or click here for more info!


Caddy Club Visits LRP

Lime Rock Park is a big fan of enthusiast car clubs, and we had a neat visit from one on Friday, July 15. The Lower Hudson Valley Cadillac LaSalle Club was on a N.W. Connecticut Tour, and the group popped in to Lime Rock around lunchtime. We offered them a choice of a parade lap or their members getting a Hot Lap from Lime Rock Drivers Club Director Simon Kirkby. Hot Laps it was! We say, Thanks for stopping by! Lime Rock’s Rick Roso took some snaps of the group...

Lime Rock Drivers Club Director Simon Kirkby -- the Darth Vader guy on the right -- briefs the Caddy Clan about the protocol when sitting right-seat during a high speed BMW M3 run.


A fine looking Collection o' Cadillacs...



All Ferraris, All Day

Ferrari Challenge race cars return to Lime Rock Park after 5-year absence