Winter Autocross Days

Get Slideways during Winter Autocross Days presented by!


In what is unique for a Northeast U.S. motorsports venue, Lime Rock Park has Winter Autocross Days.

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Lime Rock has snowmaking and grooming equipment and has scheduled Friday and Saturday winter autocross events open to any licensed driver.

New for 2016 are Winter Driving Schools (WDS), which focus on teaching techniques and theory so that drivers can be the safest, and most confident, when encountering snow and ice on the road.

Winter Autocross Days (WAX) are about driving hard and getting "slideways" in the snow, which is a whole bunch of fun. Who among us car nuts hasn’t booted the tail out or hand-braked their car in a snowy parking lot somewhere?

For either program, you don’t have to have any previous experience, or even be a "gearhead," to not only have fun but also develop amazing car-control skills that make you a much better, more confident driver, whether on snow, ice, in the rain or in the dry.

Any vehicle – all-wheel-, rear-wheel- or front-wheel drive – can be driven quickly in the snow. We’ll teach those uninitiated in the fun of snow driving some specialized techniques appropriate to each vehicle type.

The Winter Autocross events (WAX & WDS) are held on Lime Rock’s autocross course in the upper infield area. Three or so cars are sent out at a time, with appropriate spacing between each vehicle. There is no racing involved.

A chalet provides a warm respite for restroom breaks as well as snacks, coffee, hot chocolate and beverages. We keep a bonfire going at the autocross staging area, too.

The winter autocross is an offshoot of Lime Rock's spring, summer and fall Open Enrollment Autocross Days (including a season-long Series Championship) held April through October.

Now you can do it all winter long thanks to schedulable, weather-independent snowmaking at Lime Rock Park.

Call our Winter Autocross Specialists at 860.435.5000, and click here for additional info.

2016 Lime Rock Winter Autocross Days & Winter Driving Schools
Presented by

2, Saturday, Winter Autocross Day (WAX)
8, Friday, Winter Driving School (WDS)
9, Saturday, Winter Autocross Day (WAX)
15, Friday, Winter Driving School (WDS)
18, Monday, Winter Driving School (WDS)
22, Friday, Winter Driving School (WDS)
23, Saturday, Winter Autocross Day (WAX)
29, Friday, Winter Driving School (WDS)
30, Saturday, Winter Autocross Day (WAX)


5, Friday, Winter Driving School (WDS)
6, Saturday, Winter Autocross Day (WAX)
15, Monday, Winter Driving School (WDS)
19, Friday, Winter Driving School (WDS)
26, Friday, Winter Driving School (WDS)
27, Saturday, Winter Autocross Day (WAX)