Formula SAE Autocross Challenge

FormulaSAE2Yesterday, something exciting and new arrived at Lime Rock Park. Four teams that are competing in the Formula SAE competition in Michigan next month – UConn, Brown University, RPI, and Cornell – came to take on the autocross in our University Formula Car Challenge. Hailing from as far as Ithaca, NY, the collegiate students brought four vehicles as unique as the teams themselves.


Cornell University’s team was founded in 1986 and is considered to be one of the best in the world, having been declared champion in the International event nine times. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) is a team in its infancy, so they took full advantage of the learning opportunity available here by testing with the best. UConn’s team is the local “hometown hero” with some racing grad’s (Mr. Chapin at Skip Barber Racing School we mean you!). Brown’s newly developed car was body-less and had never been started before it hit our track!

Each team tested their newly developed racecars, broke them, fixed them, then tested, broke and fixed them again in search of lower lap times and increased reliability in preparation for the Formula SAE competition in Lansing, MI next month.

Despite lingering rain, the teams received invaluable testing data as well as driving instruction from our in-house race wheelman and Drivers Club Director, Simon Kirkby. A special thank you goes out to Jeff, Ben, and Chris – former Cornell Racing grads that came out to speak with the students about their careers and future.

Good luck to all these teams at Michigan, and we are looking forward to seeing them back again along with even more teams from the Northeast.  If one of your local colleges or universities has a Formula SAE or Formula Hybrid program, go check them out and see if you can help.  These students are the future of racing!

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