We’ve got our first Monthly Mega-Prize Giveaway winner!

winner-themeYesterday (Thursday, March 31) at 3:32 p.m. Eastern Time, the Lime Rock Park Cray Supercomputer that we keep hidden in the office basement was programmed to randomly choose one name from the 11,506 entries we had received so far for the Monthly Mega-Prize Giveaway. Then, .0038 seconds later, the first winner of the year popped up on the monitor... Bob Boynton, of Derby, Conn.!

Congratulations, Bob!

We called Bob, who was knocked into stunned silence for a moment. Seriously, Bob was very happy, and he then asked if he could have the evening to decide which of the nine Mega-Prizes he wanted.

This morning, Bob rang us up and told us he wants (drum roll, please)... The $600 Voucher from Town Fair Tire!

“I’m a longtime fan of Lime Rock,” Bob said. “I like the Grand-Am races especially. I have to say, I’m a practical person and, well, it just so happens that my car needs tires, so winning March’s drawing was perfect. Thank you very much, Lime Rock and Town Fair Tire.”

Jim Uliano, v.p. of marketing for Town Fair Tire, said, “There are a lot of great prizes on the list, and we’re very pleased that Mr. Boynton chose our $600 Toyo Tire Gift Certificate. We’re going to get it in the mail immediately!”

So, the Town Fair Tire voucher is off the prize list, and that leaves eight other great choices for the next Monthly Mega-Prize Giveaway winner, to be drawn April 30. (Remember, if you haven’t entered yet, you can still do so by clicking here)